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Dizaj trading've been in the global market and investing money on behalf of client's for more than a decad. ourfgoal is simple - we want to help more and more people experience financial well-being
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Profit : 9% monthly

About Us

Dizaj is a leading, hight diversified global capital management,found 2005. We have enjoyed a number of successes in this way. Based on our key advantages – including our governance structure, international best-practice in risk management and deep regional knowledge – we have been effective at exiting these investments, resulting in good returns.
We are a unique organisation that uses our capabilities, experience and global partnerships to deliver a combination of value and superior services to investors.
We achieve this by adhering to independent risk management, market-leading technology and strong governance and ethics, as well as by tapping into our broad network of sustainable partnerships.

Below are case studies to highlight some of these activities.
# Currency: Forex, Cryptocurrency
# Energies : Oil, Gas, Solaris
# Metals: Gold, Platinum, Silver
# Agriculture’s: Corn, Sugar, Cotton.
# Gemstones.


Corporate responsibility for us is not about a set of rules. It’s about each individual. at Dizaj adhering to the highest ethical standards and demonstrating probity in everything we do, at work and in our local communities.

As asset managers, our ethos is aligned with those we invest and work for. We work diligently and with integrity to provide our clients with efficient access to investment opportunities and insights to help achieve their aspirations.

We strive to offer a stimulating and attractive place to work – where talent is nurtured and developed, where diversity and inclusion are promoted, where employees are empowered and are held accountable for their actions. Teamwork and responsible, independent thinking among our employees are key ingredients for our success.



– Wealth management 25%

– Capital market  54%

– Asset management 21%



Profit 9% Monthly

Success digital payout since 2016
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Profit based on investing




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